Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Encounter One

“Yeah…. I feel at the top of world right now”
“ Sure to gotta go higher and higher.”

“I never felt so safe, sure and happy before.”

“Business is booming.”

“Apprehensions of being caught alive after being deceived or shot dead were short lived and thankfully evaporated soon.’

“ This is a nice country to practice my trade, and I am a pro to core.”

“ Being aware of what happened to some my colleagues elsewhere makes me feel proud of my fate, help from almighty and choosing my territory strategically.”

“ Having followed history of politics, increasing social problems and weak governments in this land of so-called diversity turned out to be a very productive endeavor.”

“Smelling great opportunities in a new profession with exponential growth was the key.”

“People with weak heart choose other tame old-fashioned careers.”

“ I hate those sissy careers…”

“ No… wont waste even a punch of key to expand...sorry.”

“Yes I had to kill few people when I was new and inexperienced.”

“Bombs naturally…”

“ Must confess that is the easiest thing to do..”

“Oh come on…yes my boys use guns too…”

“Depends on clients needs…”

“ But the real task is not being even suspected and caught.”

“That is my real skill.”

“No haven’t killed a fly myself for last five years…”

“Not telling you how many people got killed…”

“Sorry…. logging off…”

“Better you know your limits…”

“Yes can do business any where in world…”

“Strategic alliances naturally…”

“Enquiries are pouring in each minute…business is good…very good indeed.”

“Out sourcing business processes…the recession is helping me cut costs.”

“ I am citizen of world…ok..”

“ I am more mobile than you can imagine…”

“All five continents…”


“Well I always love multiple motives.”

“I don’t worry what are my clients objectives are.”

“ I don’t care if I contribute to Jihad, stock market falls, ideological war or politics.”

“Yes I advise regional politicians a lot these days”

“It’s a new growth area.”

“My clients always come back…and I charge double of previous fee...still they are happy..”

“I am not going to share my trade secretes and please don’t force me or this talk is over.”

“Yes I have had best of education.”

“Best school, collage and university…”

“Sorry mate…can’t be more specific…OK”

“ I have most glamorous girl friends one can dream off.”

“All kinds famous socialites, models, film stars.”

“No names please.”

“I am not stupid to organize film star stage shows..”

“Its demeaning…you are insulting me…”

“Will discuss next time…ok”

“ Sorry buddy…need to go…."
"An important client needs some advice…"
"Bye for now…”

"Yes a politician…"
"Are you happy now?”

“ Check me here same time day after…”

“Don’t be so greedy…not possible tomorrow..”

“A date with a new super model.”

“You get too nosey and loose me forever…”

“CU Bye…”

....to be continued....
..............when I am able to catch him online again..
............He is a very slippery person indeed.

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